Course outline

3 day session plan for artificial insemination, either at our new training facility in the Manning Valley, NSW, or we can come to you.

Day 1

8-30 Introduction to artificial insemination,DVD on AI technique
9.00 reproduction and anatomy of a reproductive organ.
9-30 practical session to locate the cervix inside the cows.
10-30 passing AI gun through the cervix of the reproductive organs.
11-30 semen thawing and gun loading
12-00 lunch
12-30 insemination practice
3-00 dairy Australia heat detection video
3-30 close

Day 2

8-30 passing gun through cervix of the reproductive organs .
9-00 insemination practice
11-30 hygiene, diseases of importance.
12-00 lunch
12-30 insemination practice
2-30 Joel merger – the estrus cycle
3-00 handling liquid nitrogen safety and Tank care
3-30 close

Day 3

8-30 insemination practice
11-00 advantages and disadvantages of artificial insemination
11-30 ABV Australia breeding values
12-00 lunch
12-30 insemination practice
2-30 theory test
3-00 course summary
3-30 close


Contact us to find out when the next course will be running in your area.


Happy cows
Happy cows in our brand new training facility